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Space for Action 1

Architecture exhibition and panel discussion

About the project

In the first step, Ízlelő Restaurant, run by disabled people in Szekszárd, Hungary, was re-designed by MOME architect students according to the contemporary principles of inclusive design. As the second step, MOME TransferLab organized a panel discussion and exhibition in the café of Katona József Theater in Budapest with disability studies expert Katalin Heiszer. The participants of the panel were Andrea Mészáros, the managing director of the Foundation that started the restaurant, Dr. Zoltán Fleck lawyer, Gábor Turányi architect, Benegúz Nagy architect and rehabilitation engineer, and Andrea Schmidt sociologist. Jazz trumpeter Lőrinc Barabás played after the discussion.

MOME Institute of Architecture took notice of the efficient and special approach that Ízlelő Family Restaurant has taken to integrate disabled people into the labour market in Hungary. The approach points beyond itself and leads to larger questions of social visibility.

In the Spring of 2013, the students were given the task to develop plans to remodel the restaurant and make it contemporary, stylish and accommodate specific needs. At the same time, they wanted to point to the fact that by uniting the powers of stakeholders in the fields of economics, society, politics, culture, technology and architecture, the strength of social cohesion processes can be increased.

In order to further the dialogue between the various fields, we organized a round table discussion on April 15 titled Space for Action, showcasing the designs and mockups of students. Among the participants were experts of sociology, architecture, labour market, disability studies, as well as the leaders of the Foundation running the restaurant.
Venue and date:
Katona K:antin (6 Petőfi Sándor Street, Budapest, District)
6:00 pm, 15 April 2014



Katona K:antin, Blue Bird Foundation (Kékmadár Alapítvány), MOME Institute of Architecture Time: 15-25 April 2014


Gergely Ambrovics, Lőrinc Barabás, Nóra Demeczky, Borbála Huszanyik, Dávid András Kiss, Olga Kocsi, Balázs Marián, Bea Molnár, Kata Oroszlány, Ivett Pásztor, Ákos Schneider, Andrea Schmidt, Bálint Szelezsán, Zsófia Török, Gábor Turányi, Bálint Veres


Olga Kocsi

Graphic Design:

Nóra Demeczky

Students' work