MOME Transferlab

Design For Care

2017–2018 / Space for action
About the project

In line with the Space for Action projects, MOME TransferLab offered a one semester design course for MA design students. The project participants were integrated into the world of the disabled in an exemplary way through the cooperation of the project partner institutions. The design orientation was determined by a specific group of users, the Csillagház Elementary School and Special Education Methodology Institute in the 3rd district of Budapest, an institution that takes on the education and training of children with multiple disabilities.

In the course of the project work, the students collaborated with the school staff and developed plans which aim to make the educational-training and therapy work broader and more effective. Plans have been made to enhance physical therapy (eg. tools to improve body posture), aid mobility (eg. mobility devices), optimize the immediate environment (eg. special furniture), broaden the scope of complex art education (eg. special tools for visual education), expand the range of toys (eg. use of transformed or special toys), develop communication opportunities (eg. planning for a communicator), increase the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy or hydrotherapy sessions (eg. to develop tools used in hydrotherapy), or improve the environment of the school.



Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) Product Design Department, MOME Digital Craft Lab, Csillagház Elementary School and Special Education Methodology Institute


Renáta Dezső-Dinnyés, Dr. Ruth Mateus-Berr (Angewandte Wien), László Lukács (Angewandte Wien), Fanni Csernátony, Bálint Veres, Ákos Lipóczki, Anita Takár, Krisztina Molnár, Barbara Illés, Dr. Orsolya Mikola, Borbála Ivicsics, Vera Burány, Barbara Szőke, Dóra Rea Kövér, Annabori Lányi, Bettina Alscher, Bernadett Furó, Heni Bodnár


Renáta Dezső-Dinnyés