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Space for Action 2–3

Film screening and panel discussion, Disability and Design pop-up exhibition and panel discussion

About the project

Our project on disability and design launched in 2014 was followed in 2015 by first a film screening accompanied by a panel discussion, next by a public lecture linked with a pop-up exhibition that presented best practices that further the social visibility and equal opportunities of the disabled with the tools of design and art. At the film screening of Fixed, an event co-organized with a lab of the Central European University, pros and cons were raised in a panel discussion by experts of various scientific fields on the topic that the recent and much debated film portrayed. The presentations given for the visitors of pop-up exhibition at the Design Terminal were later shared in a longer radio interview with the listeners of RadioQ as well.



CEU Celab, Design Terminal


9 March 2015 and 27-30 April 2015


Bálint Veres, Miklós Vörös, Adél Bartos, dr. Attila Gulyás, Dr. Lajos Kullmann, Dr. Judit Sándor, Dr. Márton Varjú, Bendegúz Nagy, Áron Ócsvári, Katalin Heiszer, Samia Lilla Al Assir, Mária Behán, Csilla Horváth, Réka Neszmélyi, Dániel Szalkai


Balázs Fromm (Space for Action 2)
Sára Zagyvai (Space for Action 3)

Graphic Design:

Csilla Horváth