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Object communication in support of those with a hearing loss

About the project

The coursework was related to the challenges and communication difficulties of a mostly invisible social group, those with a hearing loss, in which the project partners involved were the Hungarian Hearing Community Foundation and the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The task of the students was to design a communication object, jewellery, or accessory which increases the effectiveness of communication for those with a hearing loss or raises awareness about these issues in the majority of society.



Andrea Puha / Hearing Community Foundation (A Hallás Társasága Alapítvány), Dóra Kajtár / Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ)


Anna Börcsök, Bálint Veres


Zsófia Bádé, Bíborka Csató, Nóra Csendes, Kata Enyingi, Daniella Kiss-Varga, Viktória Maróti, Kamilla Mihály, Bettina Módra, Kinga Sciueref, Zsuzsa Székely, Berta Ujváry, Gwendolin Zimonyi


Zsófia Bádé, Balázs Csizik, Zsuzsa Székely, Berta Ujváry