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E-NABLE Design Tours

About the project

The aim of the tours organized for design students is to learn about the e-NABLE project that has been integrated into the program of, as well as to study the context of the work that takes place there. The three tours provided insight into the circumstances of people living with physical disability in Hungary and into the stages of prostheses manufacture from the points of view of technology and the medical sciences. After the tours, the participants took part in a workshop that incorporated all that had been seen and experienced, and we participated with the Hungarian e-NABLE team in a design and production session, the end product of which were 3D printed prostheses.


Partners:, PTE MediSkills Lab, “Mozgasjavito” Kindergarten, Elementary and Specialized Secondary School, Varinex Inc.


Dóra Dobi, Bálint Veres, Renáta Dezső, Kamilla Mihály, Dániel Kiskéry, Emese Orbán, Krisztina Rajkó, Diana Andrási, Tamás Túri, Márta Csige

Graphic design:

Csilla Horváth


Dóra Dobi